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स्ट्रेट थ्रू कपलिंग

Straight Through Coupling
स्ट्रेट थ्रू कपलिंग
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      These are designed without valves to provide the least resistance to fluid flow. Therefore, they require manual check valves in both lines if fluid loss is to be prevented when the couplings are disconnected. Straight thru couplings provide for fast simple connection to any type of system. Coupler bodies of this design are manufactured in brass, steel, stainless steel. The wide range of sizes from 1/8" to 2" allows the employment in fields ranging from instrumentation to steel mills. Brass, steel, stainless steel, Pressures up to 5500 PSI Male or Female Pipe Threads Suitable for, pressure washing, steam cleaning fluid transfer Seals are Standard.

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